Friday, January 26, 2007

Two useful sites

I love to-do lists; they keep easily distracted me on task. They also allow me to get rid of "brain clutter" and put all those little items that tend to cause me anxiety down on paper where I can see them - tasks just seem so much more manageable when they are put down in on a piece of paper. However, those little pieces of paper often get lost in the larger clutter of my desk. If you are a student, even the luxury of a desk space to lose to-do lists on is rare; most of the time you're going from cafeteria, to hallway, to library, to class (and so on) and those lists are easier to lose (or forget). Ta-da an on-line list program is a possible solution to this problem. You need to subscribe (so it will remember your lists), but it's free and really, really easy to use. I've set ta-da as my home page, so that I can see my lists as soon I pull up Firefox. And, best of all, you can't lose the lists!

Another on-line service that upper level students, particularly graduate students, might find useful is the newly launched on-line Chicago Manual of Style. There is a cost associated with this subscription ($30 per year), but if you use this style manual regularly and are tired of hauling it around (for those of you who aren't familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style - it's big!) the cost of an annual subscription might be worth it.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Podcast

I've been wandering the net looking for interesting sites that I can add to our page o' links on the LAC webpage and came across a series of "Quick and Dirty" podcasts. Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing is, not surprisingly, the one I was most interested in (although better manners and more money wouldn't hurt!). Her podcasts cover everything from style guides, to commas to the use of hung vs. hang. The information is accurate, clear and fun. Check it out! Those of you with iPods can be a true geeks, download the podcasts, and listen to them while you're walking from class to class, on the bus, or waiting to pick up you next double double.