Monday, February 28, 2005

Research 101 and Our First Blog Entry!

This blog will allow me (Miriam Unruh) and the other LAC staff to share web sites, study tips and other useful information with UM students, faculty and staff on a semi-regular basis. We love feedback, so please feel free to comment.

Next week’s LAC workshops are:

  • Editing Your Final Draft (Monday - Information Commons, Elizabeth Dafoe Library)
  • Punctuation (Tuesday @ 3:15 in Room 529-31 University Centre)

March is all about students writing and figuring out how to write research papers. There are a large number of good online resources available (see "Related Web Sites"), but Research 101 is one of the best. Developed by the librarians at the University Washington, this online web “workshop” is comprehensive, presents information in small manageable bits, and is easy to navigate. It’s perfect for students who are just learning how to research and write research papers. Particularly useful are the sections on the “information cycle” and how to narrow your topic.

Another site, Purdue's OWL (Online Writing Lab), well known among LAC type people, is an invaluable resource for students and faculty alike. It is chock full of useful handouts on the writing process, editing issues, and grammar.


Anita Ens said...

I think this blog is a great way to share information.

For those of you who don't know what/where the Info Commons is, it is located in Elizabeth Dafoe Library, visible when you walk through the gates. The Info Commons includes the open area with computers on tables in front of the check-out counter.

Miriam Unruh said...

Thanks Anita!

Natalie Isford said...

Students are free to post questions here and the staff at the LAC will respond as promptly as possible. Students are also invited to share their knowledge or experience on any issue too.

Haidong said...

It is my first time to visit our LAC blog. I found that it is not that easy for me, as an international student, to find out the location of the blog. So maybe we can make it more obvious by adding a new link on the main page of our web. As well, I am thinking is that possible for us to add pictures or videos on it. Because for my own blog (MSN Space), I can almost add whatever I want such as pics, music, MVs, which is more attractive and user-friendly. As well, if it is possible, I can attach some of my English collection (Terms, slangs, idioms)to our blog (which are bilingual, both English and Chinese).Well, it is cool to see that we have our own blog and use it as our new teaching tool. I think LAC blog might be the first educational blog within U of M.