Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Organization for the Disorganized Student

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of students who are having trouble managing their time. Assignments, tests and exams that seem far away tend to sneak up on us. One way to avoid the last minute panicky rush to study or complete an assignment is to be organized. If you are anything like me, day planners get lost in the back seat of the car or at the bottom of your backpack. Here is a quick way for the hopelessly disorganized person to stay on top of his or her school work.

  • Make yourself a big calendar for the remaining months of school (these are also available on-line or at the LAC).
  • Mark down all your tests, presentations, essays, assignments, and exams on their due dates. Color-code it and make it flashy.
  • Hang the calendar where you will see it everyday. Some suggestions are
    • Your bulletin board
    • Your bathroom mirror
    • Your bedroom door
    • The ceiling above your bed

This simple calendar will force you to face your deadlines realistically on a daily basis and encourage you to plan ahead. For other time management and organization tips check out these websites.

Chemistry Coach Website

University of Calgary, Achieve Academic Success


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