Thursday, May 18, 2006

Writing Essays during Spring Intersession

For some, writing essays is a welcomed experience that enables a deeper understanding of given topics. For others, it can be a source of crippling frustration and woe. For me, writing essays is a little bit of both. However, writing essays during Spring Intersession definitely doubles the pain of writing essays, but I’m not sure if it doubles the pleasure.

There are some things that may diminish the pain, however, and it is these that I’d like to share with you. If by chance you have devised more strategies to increase the joy of essay writing during Spring Intersession, please share them with us. Don’t leave us wallowing in this suffering!

The following are good strategies at the best of times, but crucial to maintaining happiness during this time-crunched term.

First, if possible, choose a topic or subject in which you have some background knowledge. Even if you are new to the subject area, there will be some topics in which you have more general knowledge. Capitalize on this. Being able to draw on previous research and understanding will seriously reduce the amount of new research you have to do, and will allow you to go into more depth.

Also, choose a topic that interests you. The more academic, general, or personal interest you have in an area, the more joy you will get from researching and writing about it.

Finally, start right away! Good writing takes time-- time researching, thinking, and polishing. However, you only have limited time during Spring Intersession, so start NOW!

As always, you are welcome to drop by to meet with a tutor at the Writing Tutor Program in Dafoe Library, or call 480-1481 or drop by 201 Tier to make an appointment there.

Wishing you more pleasure than pain,

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