Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some tidbits

I've linked to Grammar Girl before, but I don't think I've linked to this – Top Ten Grammar myths. I love this list because it highlights assumptions made by both inexperienced and experienced writers.

For those of you who think "a run-on sentence is a really long sentence," here's a link to a great handout on subordinate clauses (created by Robin Simmons whose website Grammar bytes is also worth checking out), as well as one we created on sentence structure. If you want to find ou if you have a problem with run-ons, or need help deciphering these handouts please stop by to see one of our writing tutors!

And, because it's exam season, here is a brochure on exam stress put out by Alberta's mental health board and a trio of our handouts - preparing for exams, tips on taking multiple choice exams, and writing essay exams. Finally, now is a perfect time to try out Counselling's "Chill out at Noon" meditation group.


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