Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Self-Care Week

This week the LAC blogs focus on self-care. During the intense Spring and Summer sessions, it can be particularly challenging to meet our basic needs, such as getting enough sleep, food, and exercise. What do the LAC bloggers do to meet these needs? What do you do to keep on track with your self-care?

Exercise and Mental Health
Admittedly, I have always liked exercise, but to me it’s not that I do what I do necessarily to get exercise, I just love to play. I go through phases of liking this activity or that. For example, throughout much of my early 20s I hacky sacked. This was great for me because I could do it in the tunnels during winter, or outside when it was nice. I have now come to appreciate the games that more people play, like squash, tennis, badminton and soccer. These are great because no matter your skill level, there are players to suit you.

Whether you prefer to start playing with a friend or you’re brave enough to join one of the many clubs on campus that meet regularly, you’re sure to have a laugh and get some rejuvenation. I think that’s the reason I love to play so much; with our busy schedules, we’ve always got so many different things on our mind, but when you’re playing a sport, you’re only thinking about what you’re doing in that moment. And that’s where both your mind and body are able to recover form the stresses of our hectic lives.

But I don’t always want the excesses of sports. Often going for a walk around King’s Park or the agriculture fields by The University of Manitoba allows me time and fresh air to rekindle my body, mind and spirit.

But if you don’t believe me, check out this article on the mental benefits of physical activity.

Click on The University of Manitoba’s Recreation Services site to help you get active.

Work your body, work your mind!


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