Monday, November 19, 2007

Book Ahead

Lately the LAC has been a hectic place. Our new found popularity can be easily explained when one looks at the calendar as it is crunch time once again here at the U of M. This time is marked by the donning of sweatpants, an increased consumption of coffee and a total lack of sleep on behalf of students. We love the attention, and the fact that people are willing to line around the block just to get a glimpse of one of our hard working tutors. Okay, it isn’t that busy, but if you would like to see a tutor I would like to suggest that you book at least two days in advance. We really hate to see students turned away and, unfortunately, this has been happening a lot lately. It isn’t a big deal, just try to book ahead and you will save yourself some unnecessary stress during a time of year when stress is easy to find.

Have a very merry crunch time!

- Jeff

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